For Brooklyn


FOr brooklyn

The “For Brooklyn” advertising campaign seeks to reintroduce the Brooklyn Public Library to all of Brooklyn’s 2.6 million residents by answering the question, “What is the Library for in 2019?” There are currently 52 different “For…” iterations in the campaign launch, with more planned. The campaign features portraits of patrons photographed by Brooklyn-based artist and street photographer Andre D. Wagner and portrait photographer Arturo Olmos.

Client: Brooklyn Public Library

Role: Junior Designer for Campaign Development

Studio: Bellweather Agency


Prior to launch we worked closely with the Library, leading an expansive research phase that weaved together audience surveys, interviews, and focus groups. Through this research we identified the delight users experienced when they heard about the Library’s expansive offerings. Everyone knows a library has books, but few know that Brooklyn Public Library has citizenship classes, stuffed animal sleep-overs, access to streaming video platforms, and genealogy research. We call these the “Brooklyn Library curve balls,” and highlight them throughout the campaign.


View the full case study on Bellweather’s website.